How did they do it?

How and why did five disparate groups of Canadian women quietly open the country’s first battered women’s shelters in 1973 — with no statistics, no money, and little public support?

In Runaway Wives and Rogue Feminists, journalist Margo Goodhand tracks down the “rogue feminists” whose work forged an underground railway for women and children, weaving their stories into what, until now, was an untold history.

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Book Tour

Margo Goodhand appeared in bookstores across Canada in 2017 and 2018, including Winnipeg (McNally Robinson’s); Toronto (Another Story); Saskatoon (McNally’s); Edmonton (Audrey’s); Calgary’s Owl Nest; Vancouver at People’s Co-op Bookstore and Victoria at GVPL Main Branch and the University of Victoria.

She has been delivering keynote speeches across Canada since the book was released, from Vancouver to Belleville, Ont.

The book is by Fernwood Publishing with offices in Halifax and Winnipeg (Critical Books for Critical Thinkers), and is now in second printing.